Mini #12

Here's a mini! Bit of inspiration from a pal Mystrich, who's been doing DND themed puzzles. Kind of wanted to give a shot of my own doing one with a bit of a general RPG theme to it. 

Chatty Cats

Hey everyone! Been a bit since I did a larger puzzle. Sorta had the theme in the back of my mind for awhile, had a bit of a brain blast and decided to go ahead and put it into action. I feel pretty happy with this one - I think I have a good balance of clever clues, and tried to make acrosses fair for ones that may be more troublesome. Fairly happy I got a bit of a personal info one into a crossword neatly too. Hope you enjoy the puzzle - feel free to let me know what you thought of it! Praises and critique both welcome.

Mini #11

Hey folks, got a new puzzle here. I do believe this probably counts as my most cursed puzzle due to the linked clues. I ain't sorry though.   

Mini #10

wowie another mini! Enjoy 

Mini #9

New Mini, hope you enjoy!   

Mini #8

Got another mini here for ya! Been enjoying these minis, hopefully I'll have another larger puzzle sometime soonish for the people .